Standard Decking Materials Calculator for 5 ½” wide board (1X6 OR 5/4X6)

  • Use the below calculator to convert the square foot area of your deck into linear feet of standard decking material. It will additionally calculate accessorial quantities.

    To calculate the square feet of a rectangular area multiply the length by the width. (ex: 10’ Long x 10’ wide = 100 square feet).

    To calculate the square feet of a triangular area multiply the base of the triangle by the height of the triangle and divide by 2. (ex: 10’ base x 10’ Height/2 = 50 square feet).

    Add the square feet of the rectangle to the square feet of the triangle to calculate the total square feet of the project and then insert that number into the calculator. (ex:100 square feet + 50 square feet = 150 square feet)

  • Calculations for 5 ½” Wide Board (1x6 or 5/4x6)

  • Random Length
  • --Screws required for above square footage based on standard 16"oc joist span--
  • This calculator is to be used as an estimating tool only and is based on random length boards. Be sure to consult your contractor and local building codes to confirm and finalize quantities before ordering.

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