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~Our Family's History~

Family-Owned Lumber Storage Yard
By 1880, the seeds of Element Lumber were germinating in the swamps of Northeast Arkansas. The Great-Great-Grandfather of Element’s founder, orphaned by the yellow fever epidemic of 1878, crossed the river from Memphis at the age of fifteen years old, camped in a cypress swamp, and began harvesting timber. Fired by a determination to make his own way in the world, he began buying seemingly worthless swamplands, transforming them, and becoming one of the largest lumber and agricultural producers in the South. Six generations later, the founder and his family continue to be stewards of that land.

It was with this same entrepreneurial spirit the founder of Element headed into the forests of South America. Having been taught at a young age about the importance and virtues of land stewardship, and seeing firsthand the net effect of clear-cutting and conversion of forest to agriculture, our founder sought to build his own company embracing both his heritage and the sustainability practices of the 21st century. Through affiliations with the Rainforest Alliance and the Forest Stewardship Council we work to ensure that the following generations will not only have access to one of the only truly sustainably renewable resources, but the rest of the flora and fauna that reside in our planet’s forests.

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